New Revolutionary Hummingbird Wind Turbine Design

A new revolutionary design from some very innovative engineers have created the first wind turbine to replicate the biological movements of wings.

This is a vast departure from the traditional design most people are familiar with, since designers have previously been limited to a narrow scope of kinematic properties to work with.

Tunisian engineer Anis Aouini from Tyler Wind has developed a new and unique approach to this problem. He calls it ‘3D Aouinian kinematics’.

Tyer Wind has replicated the mechanism that allows hummingbirds to fly in one place with their flapping wind turbine that moves in a figure 8 configuration. It has two vertical axis wings made from carbon fiber, each 5.25 feet long, that convert kinetic wind energy into emissions-free electricity. Combined, the two wings sweep an area of nearly 12 square feet, with a pre-industrial rated power output of 1kW. Read more at

See it in action!

The one thing that I would be concerned about in this video is the huge amount of angular movement in the wing's joints, which would mean a lot of maintenance needed. It's still being tested at the moment so we'll have to wait to see what kind of data they come out with. Nevertheless, it's great to explore new and innovative wind turbine designs.

Paul Newcomb

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