Check Out This Amazing DIY Solar Scorcher

This is a pretty cool DIY project that uses concentrated solar energy channeled through a hacked television projector.

This is a great way to learn first hand about the power of concentrated solar energy. This thing gets up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, so that is quite a bit of energy when it's focused upon a small area.

Interestingly enough, it is the same amount of energy compared to if it were spread out across the whole lens.

The difference is the surface area, similar to how the full weight of a person stepping on your foot with high heels will be much more painful than a regular pair of shoes.

I think I might be scouring Craigslist for old TVs to see if I can try this out for myself!

Paul Newcomb

Chief editor here at Powered By Mother Nature. I am passionate about renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, biomass energy, and helping others take advantage of them.

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